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Q&A: Lauren Fowler

HL chatted to Cape Town-based illustrator Lauren Fowler about her quirky and fun designs. When did you start illustrating? I took Graphic Design and Art as subjects in high school and I illustrated as part of my briefs in college. It was only when my brother mentioned that I was ‘quite good at it’ that I really started to notice. Up until that moment, I was pretty sure my drawings were kind of terrible… How would you define your illustration style? Detailed, wonky and inviting. What inspires your designs? Most of the time it's patterns, especially patterns in nature. I'm also interested in making the invisible visible - like emotions, feelings and memories. How did you get into cross-stitch? I used some cross-stitch hoops as pin boards once. Then I decided to use them for their actual purpose and found that I quite liked it. Which of your designs did you enjoy working on most? I really loved working on the Quasar and Ouroboros illustrations. I really love detail and both of those have insane amounts of that going on! Where can readers buy your illustrations and cross-stitch sets? I've got an online shop! Check out What projects have you got lined up? I've got some rebrand graphic design jobs coming up, wedding invitations, collaborations with other SA brands as well as some new ideas for new products for my online shop. To view more of Lauren's illustrations and designs, visit Interviewed by Lindi Brownell Meiring