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Q&A: Glee Projects

Glee Projects is an event design company run by sisters, Liesel and Gitta. The duo creates custom invitations and printable creative party elements, which makes celebrating all the more fun. Here, the sisters share their insight and tips on creative design. What led you to starting Glee Projects? We started Glee Projects after ‘DIY-ing’ Gitta and her husband's wedding in 2010. It was a combination of wanting to create something unique and a deep love for creating things ourselves. As sisters and designers, we have always wanted to work together in a creative venture. With Glee Projects, we have been able to explore exciting new design ideas and techniques. What are your tips for receiving the best from a custom designed project? Have a clear idea of what you want from the start. Some people don't know what they want, but they are very sure that they want something unique and often give us free reign. This is however, not always productive. It helps if the client really understands their own style. We find a good exercise is to collect two or three items in your home that you absolutely love, and chat about these with your designers. This ideally showcases the things that you love and your particular style. A good designer will be able to interpret these items into a design to suit you. It’s also essential to be vocal and open about what you do and don't like. Don't worry about offending or upsetting anyone. What are some keys elements to ask your designer for? We would suggest that good communication, both ways, is essential. Be sure to ask your designer for previous work samples, have a good look around their website or blog to ensure you have a clear idea of what they do. Find out exactly what their process is and the costs involved, so that you know what to expect. What are your three favourite trends in graphic design/custom party design at the moment, and why? We are big fans of typographic designs. The text becomes the design, as an alternative to a logo, illustration or print.  It's a simplistic, modern look that we love. We're also enjoying working with texture and different materials, like laser cutting, wood and fabric.  They open up exciting possibilities. We enjoy the creative process of new ideas and the concept of being able to create a solution for a wedding or party, which is unexpected or not traditional. Our client’s needs are of course always the most important factor. For more information about Glee Projects, visit Compiled by Nadia van der Mescht