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Q&A: Dear Rae

HL chatted to Dear Rae founder, Karin Rae Matthee about jewellery design trends and their latest collection. Your latest collection, Life of Pi, features three rings inspired by the animals from the book and movie. Why did you choose these animals specifically and what do they represent? I was inspired by Richard Parker's character in the Life of Pi story. I wanted to make a ring that represented his friendship. After creating the tiger ring I decided to create a series of three rings representing three animals. The three animals represent the land (tiger), sea (fish) and the sky (bird). I want people to choose a ring based on which animal they connect with most. How would you describe your designs? Simple and elegant with a naive element. What makes your jewellery suitable for everyday wear? The shapes and designs that make up our jewellery are elegant and simple, allowing the wearer to dress it up or down. Our jewellery is made from solid metals and nothing is plated, allowing you to wear it everyday without worrying about it losing its colour. You work with a wide variety of metals. Which material do you enjoy working with most, and why? I love working with 9ct yellow gold because of its beautiful light golden colour. What trends can we expect to see in jewellery design for 2014? I am excited about working on hand engraved lines, on metal. Interviewed by Astrid Sanders