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Q&A Alexia Klompje

HL chatted to talented Cape Town ceramicist Alexia Klompje about her passion, the process behind it and her products. Previously featured here, Alexia’s pieces are fresh, graphic and understated and her approach to her work is pure and honest. Describe what you create. I create unique handmade ceramics that tell my story. Each Klomp Ceramics piece is one-of-a-kind with an individual character all of its own. How did you get into working with this medium? I’ve always loved working with clay and greatly appreciated ceramics. At times it feels ceramics chose me. I started working with it full time during a period of my life when I was recovering from a brain tumour, which left my right side paralysed. As I created, I healed. Ceramics are such a wonderfully tactile medium. What fuels your creations? Life in general. Each collection comes together in a very organic and intuitive way; an amalgamation of what I’m experiencing both inside and outside of myself at that time. What has Klomp Ceramics become known for? A unique handmade design aesthetic, conveying a personal narrative. What’s the most challenging thing about what you do? Currently it’s finding a way to create freely within the structure of a functioning business and without losing the integrity of what Klomp Ceramics represents. And most exciting? The entire process from conception to completion. I am excited every step of the way. What are you working on at the moment that fans should look out for? My next collection is going to be both the exploration and combination of bold patterns with soft colour through functional porcelain ware. I’m loving this play of strong and soft. For more information visit, or check out her online store here. Interviewed by Mila Crewe-Brown