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Exclusive Members' clubs worldwide

Exclusivity, luxury and indulgence are the hallmarks of life as part of the top echelons of society, and every now and then we like to take a sneak peek into what the high life looks like. Members-only clubs date back centuries, and have served as meeting places for royalty and the world's most distinguished personalities. Today, these private clubs are still the arenas of the elite. They offer only the finest dining, leisure, and entertainment experiences, for which a hefty fee is paid annually. London is at the centre of this elite club culture, however countries all over the world offer their versions of these high society stomping grounds. We have listed our top favourite private member clubs from around the world:

The Yellowstone Club: Montana

Image Credit: The Yellowstone Club Image Credit: The Yellowstone Club

The Yellowstone Club is spread over 13 600 acres of land, where members can enjoy skiing during the winter and golfing during the summertime. Rumoured members are Bill Gates and Peter Chirin and with a $300 000 (R4 328 684) initial membership fee, we believe they are.

Thirty Nine: Monte Carlo

Image Credit: www.39montecarlo.com Image Credit: www.39montecarlo.com

Monte Carlo is famous for fast cars, lavish wealth and beautiful people. Apart from the Formula One often hosted there, Thirty-Nine club is in high demand. This club offers bespoke wellness, exclusivity and unique cultural experiences. New members go through a very strict sign up process. The yearly membership comes to 4900 Euros (R78 190).

Annabels: London

Image Credit: www.clondoncity.co.uk Image Credit: www.clondoncity.co.uk

Annabels is world famous, and it is in its fifth decade running (founded by Mark Birley in 1863). Expect first-class entertainment, enviable cuisine and superior interiors. The likes of Lady Gaga and Grace Jones have been two of the many performers in this club. The annual membership is £1250.

Oasis Clubhous:e Buenos Aires

The Clubhouse in Buenos Aries embodies the good life of South America. Offering top-notch entertainment and intimate, on trend dining areas, this club is somewhat more casual. A membership fee is still imposed but this experience is more attainable than the others on this list.

The Kee: Shanghai

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-16-05-am Image Credit: The Kee

The Kee is notorious for having royals and the elite mingling between rooms. A refined salon culture speaks of indulgence and superiority. The Kee too, is world famous.

The Arts Club: London

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-17-15-am Image Credit: The Arts Club

The Arts Club was founded in 1863 with the purpose of mixing like-minded people with a taste for great art and science. The art collection is rare, and the company is hand-picked. In 2011, the club completed extensive renovations and re-established its artistic presence. Yearly membership comes to £2000.

The Hurlingham Club: London

The Hurlingham Club's beginnings also date back to the late 1800s. Either you become a member due to your lineage or you're put on the waiting list - and waiting can take up to 15 years. A classic British club, where polo and high tea are one of the many trademark activities.

Soho Farmhouse: Oxfordshire

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-33-04-am Image Credit: Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse is a part of the famous Soho group (owners of a pocket of exclusive membership clubs). This property is far from what we might know as a 'farmhouse'. Members have access to beautiful rooms, multiple dining areas and a wrap around boat pool.

Silencio: Paris

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-19-18-am Image Credit: Alexandre Guikinger

Paris is the city of love and lights and Silencio captures the very essence of this. Based in the heart of Paris, this club boasts a cinema, themed rooms to suit varying tastes, a gallery and a black room for editing. Artsy and seductive comes to mind when you think of this space, which is a cocoon for the elite.