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Presents in the post

With snail mail and all things personalised and handwritten seemingly making a come back, we're loving this idea that takes the concept of an online store to a whole new level. Not only can you place your order online but you also don't need to worry about shipping or other delivery details as you get your product delivered to your nearest post office, anywhere in South Africa. Presents in the Post has managed to successfully merge the idea of an online retail venture working hand-in-hand with an 'old school' mail box postage method - and we're already big fans. With each gift that is delivered you get a beautifully curated parcel including a letter introducing you to the artist or brand in questioncomplete with endearing illustrations...

This is how it works:
  • After signing up you pay a once-off fee, which includes tax and delivery, for your surprise present by a local designer or artist; R250 for one month, R700 for three months or R1 350 for six months.
  • Indicate whether the present is for a boy or girl.
  • Click on your favourite picture to customise your gift.
  • All presents are sent out at the same time at the end of the month and will take up to two weeks to be delivered.
  • Plus, you won't have to fret that your parcel is going to get lost as all presents are insured and trackable.

Recent featured designers in November included the likes of Pichulik (above) offering goodies for ladies, and Wolf & Maiden (below) with gifts for men...

The individual behind the character 'Raj', who ensures that your package gets delivered to you timeously, is Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer. She tells us that, 'Presents in the Post came about with the intention of creating a platform for local designers and artists, a chance to dazzle customers with gifts in the post and a creative way to introduce the makers’ very own online shop. I also think it's fantastic to be able to spoil yourself and friends with beautifully-wrapped surprises'.

The concept is really simple and user-friendly and the mystery element also adds to the fun. Plus, we're sure the chosen recipient will be delighted to receive a personalised gift in the post, which is something of a rarity these days. Best of all, items are sourced from a pool of local design talent, making Presents in the Post 100 per cent proudly South African. 
At the end of each month, as soon as the presents have been delivered, the online shop reopens to give you the chance to make your next few gift selections. This really is a novel gifting option for those special occasions when a regular present just won't do... Keep in mind that the last day to sign up for Christmas presents is Wednesday, 12 December 2012, so hurry! Visit for more information or email any queries to Images: