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Plumen light bulbs

Now available at l’Emile et Son in Joburg are these Plumen energy saving light bulbs, which tick all the boxes when it comes to attractive design and eco-friendly principles. A Hulger product, the award-winning Plumen 001 was designed by Hulger and London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson. Taking its name from 'plume' - the decorative feathers of a bird - and 'lumen' - the unit of light, this innovative product successfully combines the elements of aesthetic beauty with a desirable light source. It was found that many people who buy energy saving bulbs out of obligation aren't satisfied with the quality of light offered or the look of these globes. The solution was to use bent glass tubes and to vary the design in order to offer people multiple versions of the same product - making your light bulb truly individual and giving it that designer quality. Remember, energy saving light bulbs use 80% less energy than the traditional variety, and also last around eight times longer. And now you've got the perfect reason to switch over, with this fantastic offering from Hulger! Plumen bulbs are stocked by l’Emile et Son, 15, 4th Avenue (corner 8th Street), Parkhurst, at R330 for the big Plumen and R310 for the baby Plumen. (Note: this price is only for the globes.) For more information visit or call them on 083-308-7188/ 082-557-0150.