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A Look at All the Shades of 2017

'Our inspiration this year came from the world we feel under our feet and the worlds we create in our minds.' - Anne Roselt, Global Colour Manager for Plascon
Plascon is a leading paint manufacturer in South Africa, and releases a much-anticipated annual colour forecast, which is one of our go-to sources for predicting upcoming interior trends. The 2017 Colour Forecast officially launched at Decorex Joburg on 5 August 2016. Decided upon in collaboration with Colour Hive, the distinctive colour choices were influenced by the current leaning towards both the digital and natural worlds, and the move towards a more minimal, single-minded approach to decor. As always, Plascon has organised the colour trends around key themes that each feature a carefully consider palette. The four themes for 2017 are outlined below.



This colour story is about going back to the basics, immersing yourself within softer, soothing hues that have a neutrality about this. This simple palette includes lighter blues, pinks, greens, deep purple and black. We like the option of experimenting with two-toned walls with these colour options.


Terrain-5 As its name suggests, this theme embraces an earthy palette inspired by desert landscapes, where the focus is on oranges, yellows and warm neutrals tones. These energetic colours can also be balanced by a mineral green or blue. To bring this trend to life, use the bold colours as an accent to a subtle backdrop.


Prism-3 The Prism theme is bold, bright and youthful. Inspired by digital art, this look will enliven any room with geometric paint effects and layers of hues. Pair deeper colours with lighter ones to create an effective balance and contrast. This aesthetic is very much about having fun and tapping into your inner child.


Pause-5 The name Pause speaks for itself - this theme features a neutral and timeless palette. Similar to Anonymous, where softer shades are present, this look adds sophistication to any room. The theme includes blush shades, grey and classic beiges, and is brought to life through chalky paint treatments faded finishes. We have to say, we love the gentle romance it can add to a bedroom. For more information visit plascon.co.za.   Save Save Save Save