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Pick Up Sticks necklace

These delicately beautiful and nostalgic necklaces made out of vintage pick-up sticks are the brain child of iKhaya’s Rhenda Allen and The Curators’ Kim Longhurst. As part of their Frozen Charlotte collaboration, they are made from a set of pick up sticks which were still safely in their cardboard tube. ‘The beautiful colour palette of a very old set of 'Let's Play Fiddlestix’ was the inspiration behind the necklace’s design. ‘Only the ends of the sticks are dipped in colour (duck egg blue, tumeric, mint, ruby and coal) and have a lovely patina from being dropped and picked up over and over again,’ say Rhenda and Kim. The Frozen Charlotte collaboration between these two well-respected Durban creatives has caused a lot of buzz. ‘Frozen Charlotte is a celebration of our mutual love of all things kooky. It is a way to combine our need to create, collect, curate and share. Our range includes limited edition ceramics, jewellery, stationery and curiosities, found vintage pieces - customised and made new, archival prints and botanical specimens,’ explain Kim and Rhenda. The range also features Lost At Sea Necklaces - beach combed porcelain shards on sterling silver, Luigi Buoy Lights and Industry Clipboards (A5, A4 and A3) made of spray paint, salvaged wood and pegboard. The Pick Up Sticks Necklace is available for R250 from the Frozen Charlotte pop-up store at iKhaya store, 435 Windermere Road, Morningside, Durban. Tel: 084-564-1854