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Pick up a colouring book

The global movement that emphasises being fully present in the moment via breathing awareness and meditation has taken off. Stressed execs are turning off their phones and queuing for courses to learn how to deal with the noise of modern life. It’s about finding a balance between constant connectivity and quietly enjoying the here and now. But how do we start to relax? Each day, take a few minutes to move away from your screen, pick up a colouring book and start to colour in. Read about this trend and the clear benefits in CNN's recent report on Adult colouring books topping bestseller lists. There is a range of  beautifully illustrated books, from botanical prints and decorative mandalas to Paris street scene. Here are three books available online locally, to get you going: The art therapy colouring book, R266, Reader's Warehouse

The secret garden colouring book, R197,

  The mindfulness colouring book R154, MC