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We're mad about pattern at HL. That's why Patternity, the 'worlds leading specialist organisation dedicated solely to pattern' was always going to be a big hit with us. Founded in 2009 by 'cult pattern pioneers' Patternity is an online pattern image archive, a research and consultancy department, a creative studio, and an events and education hub. In other words - an authority on all things pattern! They've an impressive client list and range of success stories in different disciplines from art and architecture to fashion and food. We're taking a closer look at some of their projects and collaborations, below. PATTERNITY_IWM_FleetofDazzle_Postcards_£7_White One project, together with the Imperial war museum, is the re-imagining of Dazzle camouflage. This bold design has an interesting history - designed as a disguise to protect British warships, troopships and merchant ships during the First World War. At first glance it seems this graphic motif is far to loud to fill that function, but in practice it worked by not concealing, but rather misleading the enemy. The disruptive pattern was believed to have helped ships, especially when moving, elude detection by rangefinders and was applied in various ways at this time to British warships at that time. PATTERNITY_IWM_FleetofDazzle_Collection   Above, the monochrome Dazzle camouflage is given new life and applied to products to wear and use. Launched at the recent London Design Festival to coincide with the commemoration of the First World War Centenary. Patternity3 Above, another collaboration, this time with Clarks shoes. Patternity applies geometric pattern to the desert boot. Patternity2 Above, the ceramic range in conjunction with Richard Brendon brings a new audience to traditional bone china. Above, Patternity and Pretty Polly's graphic hosiery collection 'Streetshapes'.

Look out for the Patternity book, 'Exploring the Positive Power of Pattern' out in October 2015.