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Patrick Latimer

We chatted to local freelance illustrator and cartoonist Patrick Latimer about his inspirations and ideas for 2014. When did you start illustrating? I used to work in advertising and spent a lot of time doodling. In 2005 I decided to try full time doodling and I’ve been doing that ever since. Where do you find your comical inspiration and concepts? I have funny friends and family. A lot of ideas pop into my head when we’re shooting the breeze. Oh, I also have funny dogs (Irish terriers). Have you always worked in mixed media? Not always, but I enjoy it a lot these days. The computer has really helped make it easier. Now I can take a photo of a mountain, draw a dog with charcoal and then combine them in Photoshop, almost magically. Any particular favourite piece? I like my drawings of dogs, and portraits of folk musicians. Generally my favourites are the ones I do for fun. Do you have some new concepts, collections or projects for 2014? I plan to draw scientists this year and hopefully a children’s picture book or two. You can see more of Patrick's work at Interviewed by Michaela Stehr