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Choose Out of Office Hub for offsite work events in Cape Town

Out of Office Hub Run by founder and architect Marina van der Westhuizen and event specialist Arnolette Freeks, Out of Office Hub is a great space for offsite conferencing, meetings and events in Cape Town. The company's ethic is underpinned by an impeccable sense of taste, attention to detail and appreciation for a smoothly run operation. Why should you go offsite for work meetings, events, networking and celebrations? Power duo Van der Westhuizen and Freeks explain why having these kind of experiences outside of the office are valuable.

1. experience

Offsite locations specialise in creating environments for enhanced experiences, with great amenities making potentially overwhelming and intimidating initiatives more exciting. These experiences are seen as an investment in your team and contributes to team morale and retention.

2. connections

By removing your team from their comfort zones and daily office routines, you encourage networking and socialising between team members through formal and informal interaction. It also blurs the hierarchical lines of the office setting, which often constrains the opportunity for team members to bond. Building meaningful relationships creates the desire to work together as a cohesive team.

3. focus

By extracting your team from the day-to-day routine of business as usual, you remove distractions and stresses such as emails, phone calls and unfinished tasks. The participants are more likely to focus and be present, not only physically but mentally too. This undivided attention cultivates and inspires new and fresh ideas. Out of Office Hub has the amenities in place to encourage collaboration, inspire innovation and ignite productivity. Visit 71 Waterkant Street, Cape Town to browse its facilities and book online or contact them for a bespoke request.  Connect with Out of Office Hub on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.