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Origami Paper

Trends are a recurring thing. We see fashions come and go - and every time they come around again we see a slightly different take on them. Think of mini and maxi skirts, neon, the bob, denim, and so forth. The cycle is seemingly endless. Japanese style and aesthetic is no exception. After the movie/book Memoirs of a Geisha, Japan came back into the spotlight as a big trend and source of inspiration. Think florals, cherry blossoms, kimonos, obi belts, minimal furniture and oriental-inspired interiors. The recent Japanese influence on the world of fashion and interiors is unmissable. Cole & Son launched a beautifully intricate Big Wave wallpaper, and kimono fabric designs are clearly making a comeback in prominent fabric houses around the world. Other trends we've spotted include red and black furniture inspired by the Japanese flag, as well as pottery, tea caddies and other day-today objects with a definite Oriental slant. Minimal designs are, of course, also big when it comes to architecture, decorating and furniture trends. You'll also see multiple wallpaper and fabric collections taking on patterns inspired by the origami paper-folding technique. The origami look and feel and the way that it has been translated onto fashion and furniture is especially eye-catching. There is also the beautiful paper used in the process, which has certainly found its place in decor and design. What we love about origami is that it's simple and complex at the same time. The end result looks very pared down with geometric facets, smooth lines and shapes but, then again, to perfect the actual folding technique is quite complex. These opposing elements are what drew us to these pieces. Image credits: (from left to right) 1. Chair and footrest by Joquer - 2. Copper clover wide 200g - 3. Mirror - 4. Dress inspired by origami crab by André Lima - 5. Origami dress by Morgan - 6. Turbine clock by George Nelson for Vitra - 7. Stealth table by Arktura - 8. Origami-inspired shoes by Ndeur -