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Organic Diamond Jewellery

Earlier this month the Situ team - comprising jewellery designers Philippa Green and Ida-Elsje Olivier and architect Gregory Katz - showcased their latest collection at Joburg's 2013 Winter Jewellery Collections launch. Their bangles, cuffs and rings demonstrated a new take on classic diamond settings, by incorporating brass, copper, and twisted metals into the designs. We've got our eye on their new rings and earrings pictured above, each one exquisitely showing off the diamond inside through a clear or tinted polymer resin casing (also seen in their previously featured neon ring collection). The brand's diamond jewels are all set in this way in order to give the gems a floating effect, rather than detracting from their natural beauty with a conventional metal setting. The aim is to draw attention to the diamonds in their raw, unpolished state. These beauties are also inspired by Russian Suprematist paintings. The work of Kazimir Malevich in particular focused on basic geometric forms painted in a limited range of colours, marking the emergence of a revolutionary abstract art movement. The team says, 'The organic shapes of the stones are offset by geometric pieces of gold and silver and create an unlikely yet beautiful marriage of sticks and stones.' The earrings and rings range from R2 000 to R11 000, depending on the intricacy of the design and the size of the diamond. For further information please visit, call 021-424-1101 or visit the shop at 76 Church Street, Cape Town.