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once in a blood moon

Arielle Thomson

In the early hours of this morning, half of the world bore witness to a 'blood moon', whereby the occurrence of a supermoon and lunar eclipse coincide to give a supersized moon an orange-red hue. The last time this rare phenomenon happened was in 1982 and the next time will be in 2033, so those who set their alarms for a super early wake-up were well rewarded. But don't be too disappointed if you missed it - you can always count on Instagram to keep you visually informed. Here are some of our favourite shots from around the world...  

Finike, Turkey


Scottsdale, USA

I was driving home from a great photo shoot this evening, and witnessed this happening, as it literally rose up out of our horizon. I must have been under a rock this weekend (or buried in house projects and not reading the news) but I had no idea there was a blood-super-moon-eclipse due to happen tonight. So when I saw this rising over the mountains, I couldn't pull out of traffic fast enough to capture it. I usually only have my cell phone camera with me these days, but tonight I actually had my good camera - and while its no where near as cool as several of the shots I've seen online (and probably could have been improved a hundred different ways), I was able to capture this from where I was. What a sight to see in person. #nofilter #canon5dmarkiii #supermoon2015 #eclipse #arizona #jenniferbowenphotography #Scottsdale #bloodmoon #azcentral A photo posted by Jennifer Bowen (@jennifer_bowen_az) on


New York City, USA


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Ottawa, Canada

You guys have probably seen thousands of pictures of this but hey its look HD here   A photo posted by Brendan McElligott (@mc.something) on



Ciudad Juárez, Mexico



Cape Town, South Africa!

Here is my moon, it's little and blurry... But still good. Yeah still good. ?   A photo posted by arielle thomson (@elleirathomson) on
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