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Noush Tartan Bags

Inspired by local traditions, designer Manoushka Kraal decided to try and reinvent the well-known tartan carry bag. The Noush version of these bags is made and bound with 100% black cotton, woven with traditional Zulu ribbon and embroidered with small wool squares. Having always admired their distinctive pattern and functionality, Manoushka decided to make use of the actual bags, before adding a little something new to each one. ‘They have the perfect grid to embroider on and by giving them a 100% cotton lining, changing the size a little, and adding traditional Zulu ribbon detailing, they have become wonderful, funky accessories,’ says Manoushka. The bag measures 35cm x 30cm and retails for R280 in South Africa. To order, visit Etsy. For more information, visit or contact Manoushka directly via