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Not Just a Pretty Face

If you’re looking for a phone that has easy-to-grasp functionality, this one’s a winner. Its touch-screen and simple navigation make the brand an ever-reliable choice. This trendy new Nokia comes armed with every application you need to become immersed in social media networks – which for many of us is a very crucial part of the way we communicate today. In terms of looks, the phone is slim and streamlined while its subtle metallic hues make quite a fashion statement. We love the eco-conscious gaming that teaches users how to recycle and care for the planet. And with all the must-have tools you need to organise your day, the nifty C7 is your alarm clock, calendar, diary, notebook, social media platform, and personal assistant all rolled into one. We recommend it as a trusty companion for anyone who is on the go. It retails at R5999. Nokia 011-234-0971