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No More Touristy Shots

At HL, we love instagram. Not only does it provide us with endless hours of inspiration and visual stimulation, but we have the chance to share exciting decor ideas, behind-the-scenes pics and our #HLDailyInspirations with you. But we're also advocates for originality. How many table top coffee cup images can you stomach? Or super-moon snaps from Lion's head? Or, as much as we love them, over-saturated sunset shots? That's why Camera Restricta caught our attention. Devised to stop people adding to generic digital image clutter, the concept camera (designed by Philipp Schmitt as a spec project) will through GPS technology and geotagging, block the viewfinder and prevent the user from shooting any more images if they are deemed too common! Camera Restricta from Philipp Schmitt on Vimeo. Read more here. Censorship? Controversial for sure, this tech would reimagine tourist snaps. But in the meantime we'll take it as a little reminder to compose more carefully.   READ MORE: 10 HL food trends of 2015 Planters keep their eyes on you Gucci's chic Spring/Summer concept