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Nicky Levenberg Bags

We’re absolutely loving these stylish screen-printed and illustrated bags, the latest offering from the The Drawing Room’s Nicky Levenberg. Nicky tells HL that the design was inspired by quirky and whimsical travel narratives based around South Africa and the explorers who came to South Africa in search of 'exotic' and foreign lands. ‘The print is quite playful, despite being conveyed in a more serious etched style.’ The bags are handmade from Nicky’s original drawings. They are then silk screened and stitched together by hand. What’s even more special is the fact that each bag, which is made up of locally sourced materials, is limited to an edition of 10. They are all signed and numbered, making them (in a sense) a one-off art piece, as well as a versatile and practical bag. Get your hands on one before they sell out! Available from Anatomy Design. Text Katharyn Williams-Jaftha