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New Store

In today’s bustling world, instant gratification is all-consuming. Here’s a place, now going for over 10 years, that has decided to keep it chilled and move at a pace that allows you to indulge in the now. HL caught wind of the latest developments happening over at Chemistry of Living – a move from lower to upper Kloof Street, in Cape Town – and decided to have a quick catch-up with owners, Rupert Smith and Warren Matthee. The new store greets you with gold foiling on the shop window, a vintage nautical-themed quilted couch and a splash of hot orange. When you step inside, you find the space is slightly smaller than the previous shop, but somehow gives the impression of much more volume than its predecessor. There’s a stronger look here this time around and the great foot traffic outside the decor store won’t hurt either. 'What inspired the move was the desire to be situated in a spot that was conducive to our brand', says Warren. 'Here in upper Kloof, we’re across from the Lifestyle Centre, which makes parking and foot traffic more accessible. Also, this new location is a more secure option for both us and our customers.' There’s a lot more shelving and stacking in this space, which Warren attributes to their decision to find creative solutions to maximise the space made available to them in their new location. The wood, glass and steel look emits very industrial themes with a firm masculine ambience and appeal. The heavy-duty shelving might be a little old school, but set against the decor pieces and wooden features, it looks right at home. For those of you who are new to the boutique store, go and have a look-see for yourself. You need to admire this fabulous work in person, and pat Warren and Rupert on the back for all the hard work they put in, themselves, to turn this new store into their second home. For more information visit The new store is located at 45D Leaville Flats, Kloof Street, Cape Town. Tel - 021 426 5773. Text: Monde Mtsi