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exploring 2017's kitchen trends with neolith


Almost indestructible and scratch- and fire-resistant – you can flambé right on the worktop without risking damage – Neolith surfaces are used by professional chefs in their kitchens and restaurants around the world. Constructed out of a special brand of Sintered Stone designed and manufactured by TheSize, Neolith surfaces are 100% natural and have near-zero porosity, making them hygienic, stain-resistant and easy to clean. We sat down with Mar Esteve, marketing director of TheSize, about kitchen trends for 2017. Neolith What are the latest kitchen cabinet trends? With today’s cabinets increasingly featuring customised drawers to help facilitate further storage needs, cabinets help create clutter-free kitchens, especially in compact spaces. For those looking to bring a more streamlined look to their kitchen, cabinets without handles are also rising in popularity. In 2017, we expect to see an increase in kitchen cabinetry cladded in the same material as worktops to deliver an even more seamless and holistic aesthetic. Well-lit cabinetry is another upcoming trend, with homeowners using light to accent cabinets from below, above, inside or under the countertop overhangs. Since more people are using the kitchen to entertain, personalised and tailored cabinet designs are common for those wanting their kitchen to reflect their personality or act as a statement room. Tell us more about this year's worktop trends... Trends are moving away from thicker profiles to slimmer contours, with 12mm becoming the standard thickness for contemporary kitchen worktops. Initially appropriated by German and Italian kitchen manufacturers, we now see a demand for thin worktops expanding into other markets. When it comes to colour, people are turning to fashionable greys, which have a universal application whether combined with bolder colours or as part of a neutral scheme with a white or black foundation. For example, white marbles with grey veining are being used for kitchen islands, with Carrara marble continuing to be the popular option. In addition to marble, metallics and concretes continue to gain popularity as a kitchen aesthetic. Just as with copper, stainless steel and iron, concrete has an edgy appeal and is very much part of the industrial look that is rising in prominence. Often considered to be cold, concrete can be offset with a warm metal such as brass; Neolith’s Iron Moss, for example, has aged greenish brown tones that make it ideal for adding another dimension to juxtapose against more subdued materials. Neolith And what about the rise of metallics? Traditionally, stainless steel has been the material of choice for restaurants and production kitchens. Today, with the industrial look being on trend, we are starting to see the impact of metals and steels in the design of the residential kitchen, too. Bronze, brass and copper are rising in prominence, and metallics are now being applied to kitchen worktops, islands and splashbacks for a luxurious finish. Visit for more. Save