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Nawaaz Saldulker

HL chatted to the designer behind Nawaaz Saldulker Design Lab about his projects and the importance of local design. You describe yourself as a visual imagineer. How did you get into design? When I was young, I always doodled in my school textbooks or in the margin of my exam pad. I never formally studied art at school and as I grew 
older, and hopefully wiser, I began to realise that better living is possible through design. Design is an intuitive system for me, where coincidences, 
memories and collaborations yield unexpected insights. The creative process is a balance between the planned and the unplanned. Your designs are highly conceptual. Take us through your typical creative process. I always try and work with scale models, as I want to hold the object in my hand. What do you believe is the most important aspect of local design? Many local design products demystify the process of commercialisation and consumerism, and in doing so, show that we can create things that 
suit our needs. Good design is about clarity over style, and accountability over indifference. People will forget what the designer said or did, but what they 
remember is how that product makes them feel! So focusing on people is the future of design. What is your favourite piece that you have created so far? My Sunny Side-up Stool is one of my favourite products because I sit on it every day at my desk. It’s fun and playful, but more importantly, it is a product 
that is material driven. The powder-coated mild steel frame has a hand-stitched vegetable tanned leather seat. It gains character with age and assists with 
my slouching by forcing me to sit upright! What are you currently working on? I have just submitted my proposal called ‘OpenBox’ for WDC2014. OpenBox is a mobile steel framed structure that facilitates the arts, and design to 
underserved populations through the promotion of different art forms, by affirming our diverse cultures and furthering social transformation. 

Other than that, I might be exhibiting in Stockholm within the next week, which is very exciting. That being said, it will only happen if my product is not 
kept any further by customs. Where can readers buy your products? Those interested can mail me directly on or purchase through Interviewed by Lindi Brownell Meiring