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My Cars and their Interiors

A few weekends ago, R and I took a stroll around a huge Car exhibition day in Wynberg. We just went for fun - and I was completely amazed by the huge number of people and their pride in hundreds and hundreds of cars that were on display - I snapped some pictures and particularly loved looking at the interiors of these gleaming cars - the careful upholstery and choice in colours and materials to cover steering wheels, seats and dash boards... It was well worth the visit. Next time you see a poster up on one of those poles for a car exhibition, I would recommend you take a look if you have the time. I've paired some of the images I took with some Interiors that I thought matched, just a fun way to consider things. A coffee ring is a stamp in time and a ring to remember a special moment. Zeanne Duminy is an Architect by trade and an artist by heart and Coffee Rings and Other Things is a visual journal of her special moments and a collection of beautiful things which she hopes will inspire her readers to live life beautifully.