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Mr Fox Furniture

How did Mr Fox Furniture come about? Brad and I had chatted about the possibilities of starting a design business in the future, once he had finished his studies, and when I could give more of my time to developing it. So we'd always thrown around ideas and done a bunch of dreaming, as creatives do. Then, one day Brad says one of his lecturers told him about Design Indaba Emerging Creatives and encouraged him to enter. We ended up applying as a creative team and got chosen to participate in the programme. We knew this was an amazing opportunity, so went balls to the walls, designed a range, got it manufactured, packed up the cabbie and headed to Cape Town for the Indaba. The exposure was incredible and the feedback, really positive. It's really boosted our confidence and we are excited to build upon this and work at establishing our brand as a legitimate design business. Describe Mr Fox Furniture's design aesthetic. Our vibe is clean, simple and minimal. We don't like to complicate things, and would rather simplify design to its basic form and function. Our work has substance as well as solid materials, weight and soul. With which material/s do you enjoying working with most? First off, we love timber. Our grandfathers are old-school workshop/DIY types, and that has definitely set us up for this love relationship with wood. Steel features a lot in our work as well - we love that it's sleek and smart. We've also been experimenting with resin casting too. It's new to us, but the countless possibilities for the textures and objects we can create are really appealing. You say you're inspired by Scandinavian design. What appeals to you about this style?  In our opinion, Scandinavian design is grounded, as well as pioneering and forward thinking. It's simple, yet executed with precision and elegance. The Scandinavian nations are culturally rich and are pioneers in their artistic expression. This inspires us and these principles form much of our approach to design. Where can our readers buy your products locally? The best way is to check out our products at If you would like to order anything, pop us an email at and we'll get in touch with you and take it from there. We are busy finalising things with an online shop and that channel should be up and running relatively soon. We will also look into stocking some stores with our product over time. All news and developments can be found on the website or on our Facebook page. We produce custom work as well, so if you're looking for something unique, let us know. We're always excited to design. Compiled by Lindi Brownell Meiring