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Monn carpets

Local brands give us a taste of what to expect in 2013 and beyond... Pieter Nouwens, director, and Nicholas Nouwens, engineer, from MONN WHAT TRENDS DO YOU FORESEE FOR 2013? Buyers are no longer basing choice on looks alone – the sense of touch is an essential consideration when planning an interior. Texture invites touch, whether through your fingertips or the soles of your feet, and the tactile experience of walking barefoot is an important form of relaxation. WHAT DISTINGUISHES YOU FROM THE COMPETITION? Consumer demand is moving towards sustainable carpeting. Our high wool content not only satisfies this consideration but also provides the added benefit that it ages well, acquiring a pleasing character over years of use. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO BE YOUR BESTSELLING CARPET RANGE IN 2013? The MONN range of carpets will do well as its success lies in essential qualities: the integrity of materials, the refinements of construction and manufacture and quality craftsmanship. In 2013 the MONN Navigator, with its pure-wool top cloth and structured grid of accentuated looped yarn plotted over an expanse of velvet cut pile, will be the must-have choice for your home. For more information call 058-623-2805 or visit Photographs Judd van Rensburg To see our other 2013 Trend Profiles turn to pages 60 – 62 of our January/ February 2013 issue or click below: