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Mimosa Pendant

Using the brain’s neurons as their point of inspiration, Israeli designers Ayala Serfaty and Sadeh Halbrecht have teamed up to create a light for Aqua Creations that straddles the realm of design and art. And in keeping with Aqua Creations' reputation - it's a show stopper. With its organic, hand-formed contours and diaphanous shell, the Mimosa is not your average light. It has an otherworldly appearance that references the ethereal side of design. Covered in a thin layer of polymer, applied by spraying the metal framework, the Mimosa pendant produces a subtle glow befitting its looks. Hung in a cluster it packs a real punch. The Mimosa pendant is available from Pure Light SA, and retails for R12 492. Call them on 011-465-4232 for enquiries.