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Miele’s new Dialog oven is a game-changer

The Dialog oven from Miele makes preparing demanding meals faster and simpler than any other cooking method – with perfect results. Even the seemingly impossible is made possible –like cooking a fish in a block of ice without the ice melting. Miele’s Mercia de Jager answers a few of the most common questions about this advanced and revolutionary new cooking technology. What happens inside a Dialog oven from a technical point of view? This new product uses electromagnetic waves at changing frequencies, which respond intelligently to the texture of the food being cooked in the oven – this is called M Chef technology. High-tech sensors in the Dialog oven closely monitor the cooking process, maintaining a constant dialogue with the ingredients as they cook. M Chef technology enables the Dialog oven to simultaneously keep tabs on a wide range of dishes, and cook them together. In what way does this differ from a microwave oven? Microwave ovens are generally used for defrosting and reheating, however, the Dialog oven is a sophisticated tool that rises to all the challenges of cooking. Admittedly, food is heated in both cases using electromagnetic waves, however, those used in the Dialog oven differ significantly. Firstly, the Dialog oven applies much lower levels of power, ensuring that the nutritional value of the cooked food is much higher. Secondly, a broad frequency spectrum is used, meaning the oven can cook various types of food to perfection, all at once. And thirdly, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Dialog oven penetrate deeper into the food, contributing to food being cooked uniformly. Which frequencies are used by the Dialog oven? It operates in the frequency range around 915 MHz, which is much lower than the general 2.45 GHz used by microwave ovens. The Dialog oven uses the same range that is used in Europe by mobile phone companies and, as a result, the door of the Dialog oven has been designed to prevent interference with mobile communications. How can the Miele app help? Taking cooking into a new era, the Dialog oven’s connectivity promises inspiration and additional cooking pleasure. The recipe feature included in the Miele@mobile app represents an ideal starting point for experimenting and trying out new ideas – offering users numerous automatic programs developed specifically for this new oven. Alongside food preparation videos and shopping lists, the app also allows the parameters of a recipe to be transferred directly to the machine. How much faster is a Dialog oven? Considerably quicker than any conventional oven – up to 70% faster. Where did the original inspiration for the Dialog oven come from? The inspiration for the Dialog oven came from Miele Professional after dealing with the medical field and the issue of organ transplantations. Organs are shock frozen so that they can be transported from A to B. When they arrive at their final destination, they need to be quickly and gently defrosted to regain their warmth. The idea was conceived on the premise that if this can be achieved for organs, wouldn’t it be an incredible technology to use for cooking food as well? And so the journey of development of the Dialog oven began. How long did it take to develop this new technology – from conception, design, through to completion? The idea was conceived seven years ago, and it took another six years to develop, test and perfect the technology, design the oven, and finally create the Dialog oven. breville How will the Dialog oven change the way people prepare food? Aside from saving you time by considerably reducing cooking times, the Dialog oven also opens up a lot of exciting possibilities in the realm of cooking. Its revolutionary technology enables the creation of completely new and innovative dishes. It also ensures that the food you prepare is quickly and easily cooked to perfection, and as such, it is healthy and full of nutrients. Who is the target audience and what does a Dialog oven cost? The Dialog oven addresses the needs of ambitious hobby chefs, but also impressed professionals during initial presentations. In Germany, the market launch is scheduled for April 2018, and the price will be around €7 990 (RRP; about R127 000). We are hoping to launch the Dialog oven in South Africa sometime in 2019, and we can’t really predict the price so far in advance. Visit miele.co.za for more.