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mia widlake's tips for minimalist interiors

Mia Widlake, Elsa Young

The handiwork of award-winning stylist and homeware designer, Mia Widlake is featured in the November issue of House and Leisure. Taking a 'fresh and contemporary' approach to the design of the living space, Widlake showcased her talents as the decor consultant on a renovated home in Oaklands. Minimalism was key. We caught up with Mia to get her insights on how to create a space that is uncluttered but full of character - a living area that exudes timelessness. These are five of her tips: 1. Be a ruthless editor: The most important thing to remember if you are trying to achieve this look is that you have to be a ruthless editor. Do not have a single thing that you do not love and have a purpose for. 2. Avoid embellishments: Achieving the look is easier if you have a very simple almost stark shell to begin with, so keep the walls and floors crisp wherever you can. Eliminate fitted carpets and things that add visual clutter to the space such as curtain rods and elaborate door handles. 3. Go for scale: The scale of the furniture needs to make a statement, make sure they have visual weight which eliminates the need for too many small items of furniture. 4. Choose simple artwork: Keep art simple and large in scale. Too many small little frames disturb the clean minimalist appeal of the space. 5. Make a statement: Make sure each room has one statement piece to keep things interesting. Whether it’s a light fitting , artwork or chair. This allows the space to have visual interest.

house-katz Two living spaces inside Richard and Gaby Sutton's Oaklands home, renovated by Gregory Katz and decorated by Mia Widlake.

Read about this home in HL November 2016.