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Inside the Studio of Ceramics Master Mervyn Gers

Michael Le Grange

If you're vaguely familiar with the South African ceramics scene, you'll know the name Mervyn Gers. The Cape Town-based sculptor has created a clay empire from his industrious studio in Paarden Eiland, creating plate, bowl and jug upon plate, bowl and jug for both the public and top restaurants around the country. Despite the fact that he and his 30-plus team of artisans produces vast volumes of claywork, they still put a hefty emphasis on crafting each piece meticulously by hand. The result is functional artworks that exude an earthy, modest ruggedness, bearing evidence of the fact that they were painstakingly handmade.

As Mervyn says, 'The universal trend of chefs is to serve their food on interesting surfaces that have a history and aren't mass-produced, as the visual impact of plating is as important as the food itself.'
Even though his creations are everywhere, only a rare few have had the privilege of seeing inside his studio - packed to the rafters with ceramics jewels - to witness how he and his crew create his products. We at HL, however, were given the opportunity to visit his Paarden Eiland space, and we shot the video below to give you a sneak peek at what goes into a Mervyn Gers piece. Visit to find out more and see products. Save Save Save