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Meet the World's Most Luxurious Hosepipe

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Garden Glory, a Swedish brand that designs luxurious alternative garden appliances, asks the question, 'Why settle for the ordinary?' While many of us seek the extraordinary and beautiful for our interior home spaces, we tend to ignore mundane garden instruments like hosepipes. But this Scandinavian company is changing that with an exquisite collection of chic, colourful hoses. It all started when Linda Brattlöff, founder of Garden Glory, moved into a new house on the Swedish west coast. The property had a beautiful patio and garden, but Linda loathed the sight of the dull green hosepipe sitting outside, draped around a rusty old wall mount. She was determined to find the perfect white hose to match her lovely suburban garden, but when she couldn't find one anywhere, she decided to develop it herself. Garden Glory Hose 2 Garden Glory Hose 1 The result is these covetable designer hosepipes that are elegant enough to tempt you to carry them around like a handbag. They are of superb quality and come with a five-year warranty to prove it. Made from PVC, these 20-metre garden treasures are free from lead, cadmium and phthalates, and the knitting reinforcement around the inner tube strengthens the product and makes it supple and non-kinking. Although you'll might want to keep such an opulent hose safe and sound inside, you don't have to worry about them: they are dirt repellent and UV-protected, so your beautiful hose won’t lose its colour in the sun. Aside from the garden hoses, Garden Glory has added more style to the exterior arena by also creating a selection of designer wall mounts, nozzles (including options on chrome and brass), diamond-shaped watering cans, clutch-shaped mailboxes and spades with solid brass blades.
Garden Glory apliances The spades, watering cans and wall mounts are all available in any of Garden Glory's seven signature colours.

Garden-Glory_600 A lifestyle representation of beautiful Garden Glory products in black and gold.

Save Save Save The hosepipes and some of the wall mounts are available in South Africa for R2 134 from Garden Glory also offers a free worldwide delivery service (it just does not include your custom rates). Find out more at Save Save Save Save Save