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Jozi Welcomes Matisse

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'The Sorrows of the King' by Henri Matisse While South Africa is blessed with its own thriving art scene, it's less common on local soil to have first-hand encounters with the work of the great masters, the names from the past that everyone knows. This is just one reason we're so excited for the arrival of the Henri Matisse: Rhythm and Meaning exhibition at the Standard Bank Gallery in Joburg, which is set to be open to the public from 13 July to 17 September 2016. Here are a few other reasons this show is such a highlight on the art calendar.
matisse2 The Circus by Henri Matisse

the exhibition is a first for south africa

While works by the likes of Picasso and Miró have been showcased in SA before, this is the first major exhibition featuring Matisse's oeuvre to take place here. Needless to say, it's an amazing rare opportunity for local fans of his style.

it positions his artworks on the very soil that inspired them

As Matisse was creating art during a time when Europe had colonised much of Africa, the French Modernist was heavily influenced by African culure and motifs, and this reflects in many of his works. The exhibition is therefore a chance for South Africans to view his masterpieces on the same continent that birthed them.
Portrait-de-Madame-Matisse 'Portrait of Madame Matisse. The Green Line' by Henri Matisse

the broad scope of his legacy is being exhibited

The show features a wide range of works by the modern master, from paintings and drawings to collages and prints, that embrace an assortment of styles and themes and stretch from Matisse's earlier Fauvist days right through to his final exploration of paper cut-outs. The exhibition therefore gives viewers a chance to experience how he evolved as an artist in one place.

arguably his most iconic works, from the book jazz, are on show

One of the highlights of Rhythm and Meaning is the fact that it pays homage to the artist's book Jazz by featuring all 20 plates used in the creation of this project. Not only are these some of his most recognisable works, but they also reflect his transition from painting to paper-cut outs, a medium that he's now very well known for.
matissejazz A detail from the book Jazz

this is art that defined the modern movement

Matisse is widely considered a leading figure in modern art, and his unusual approach to colour and form greatly influenced the development of this era of art. So it's a great privilege to be able to view the pieces that were fundamental in helping the creative world reach the point it's at now. Read more about the exhibition at       Save Save