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Matchbook Travel App

We may complain that technology dominates our lives, but it's increasingly difficult to argue this is a bad thing. In fact, each new digital device opens several new doors – think of the incredible world of apps that are at your fingertips when you suddenly need advice about something or want to download the latest news. Earlier in the year, House and Leisure anticipated that travel apps would be one of the trends to watch, and put to the test, in 2012. Designed specifically for people on the go, these miracles of technology are improving every day. We recently spotted Matchbook, an app that allows you to bookmark any exciting new restaurants, bars or shops that you’ve come across, on your phone. It then maps them out for you so that you don’t forget where they are and you can share them with your friends whenever you like. Sadly, it’s currently only available in the US and Canada but we’re hoping that with the speed and possibilities of the internet, we’ll soon be able to use it locally. Still, if you’re planning a trip to these parts of the world, make sure you download this app for guaranteed hours of fun. Here’s how it works: 1. Search for the name of the eatery/shop you would like to bookmark or click 'I'm walking by it'. 2. Add tags and notes to your bookmarks. 3. When you want to recall the perfect spot, Matchbook will find the best places from your bookmarks. 4. Places are organised by neighbourhood and on a map, so they're easy to navigate and store. So if you're the type of person who likes to scribble down reminders on post-its, notepads or on your phone or iPad, then this app will help you to organise all this information in an easy, interactive way. As the site sums it up, 'There was a time when people would take a beautifully designed matchbook from a restaurant to remember it. Today our must-remember places find their way to the notepad app of our phones. Matchbook makes that list useful. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later.' For more details or to download this app visit