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Masters of Photography Comes to South Africa

The internationally loved Macallan Distillery in Scotland has quite an intriguing story to tell – that which centres around the Spanish sherry oak casks used to make its single malt. And what better way to tell the story than through a striking visual interpretation by famed photographer, Albert Watson? So the photographic exhibition Masters of Photography came to be… This creative talent was asked to interpret the tale as a photographic art project. The result sees a series of snaps illustrating the journey that unfolds, from acorn to glass, that eventually winds up in your hand as a wonderfully rich single malt. But the polished end product involved careful inspection on Watson’s part. The photographer set out into the Spanish countryside on a 12 day journey to get to the heart of the malt’s origins. Starting in the forests of Northern Spain - a place where Spanish oaks flourish - and traversing a total of 965 kilometres, he came across some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. The journey comprised 3 essential parts. First was a couple’s romantic road trip, next were images reflecting that journey, and finally, the creation of the beautiful platinum prints that make up the exhibition. The phenomenal body of work has since travelled the globe, marveling people in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Toronto and Taiwan. Now, it’s South Africa’s turn to be spellbound by the impressive photographs. Masters of Photography will be showing in SA for two days only, at the end of September and in mid-October. The Macallan invites the public to view the prints in Cape Town on 30 September at the Photographers Gallery za and in Johannesburg on 14 October at the Co-Op gallery. Brand Ambassador for The Edrington Group Whisky Portfolio, Candice Baker, sums it up saying, “To us the Macallan MOP showcases a unique relationship between two great art forms, whisky-making and photography.” Cheers to that!