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Master of her craft: Shay Stark

There’s a beauty in the way buildings are designed. Colossal iron, glass and stone structures that vary from big to small, straight to contorted – all the result of extensive research, planning and calculations carried out by a mysterious visionary who largely remains in the shadows of their creations. One such person is SHF's visual architect Shay Stark, whose own office reflects a mixture of creativity and logic. A pinboard filled with inspiration sits near a pile of business cards, neatly stacked on her modernist desk. They say you can learn a lot about a person based on the spaces they inhabit, and in Shay’s case, this is especially true. Her mind is based in ideas that most can’t see, and she says, 'Between imagination and reality is the space within which our dreams dare to dance.' Paying close attention to everything around her, Shay is always in search of ways to improve and create a clean and clutter-free environment. Shay is often described as the heart of SHF. She’s got a remarkable knack for bringing out the best in people, and her open-door policy creates a welcome atmosphere in her design and marketing quarters. Even when things become chaotic at work, she exudes an air of calm. She isn’t easily swayed and, in everything she does, maintains an honesty that’s rare to find in the workplace today. See a few of Shay’s favourite pieces from the company’s collection below, and visit for more. Vintage Aqua Turkish Rug R5 995. Stellar Dining Table R22 995. Brass Stockholm Chair in Venetian Smoke R5 995. Serengeti Chandelier R5 595. Tenang Goat Leather Dining Chair R4 995. Indigo Peacock Scatter Cushions R995 each. Louvre Dresser in Vintage Natural R35 995. Moroccan Drum Table R3 995. Rattan Hanging Chair R4 995.   Coleford 4 Div Sofa in Magical Everglade, coming soon. Save Save Save