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Mandela Poster Project

All images from the Mandela Poster Project. Earlier this year a group of South African designers decided to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela by requesting posters representing Mandela and his contributions to humanity. Within 60 days more than 700 designers from across 70 countries contributed to the Mandela Poster Project by sending in a unique poster celebrating Nelson Mandela. Narrowing this down to a mere 95 designs was left to the Mandela Poster Project Collective. The carefully selected 95 designs (each one a representing a year of Madiba’s life) are being exhibited around the world and will eventually be auctioned by the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust to raise funds. Plans are also underway for a publication featuring 500 of the originally submitted designs. The Mandela Poster Project is now sharing posters in remembrance of Madiba on their Facebook page. For more information, visit Text Astrid Sanders