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Macaroon Magical

I'm back from the most wonderful trip and just trying to sort all my photos out and start a few new chapters this week. The space above made me smile, and so I thought it would be a happy mid-week post , and a little French, which is what there is a lot of in Madagascar.

I found the images on "Framing Spaces" and they are from the French Macaroon shop, Theural & Thomas (Maison du Macaron). I love the colour that only enters through the macaroons and the clear, clinical, yet French, interiors. Go ahead - treat yourself to a macaroon!
How beautiful is all their packaging? Have a look at their blog here....
{hmmm the French get it so right}
A coffee ring is a stamp in time and a ring to remember a special moment. Zeanne Duminy is an Architect by trade and an artist by heart and Coffee Rings and Other Things is a visual journal of her special moments and a collection of beautiful things which she hopes will inspire her readers to live life beautifully.