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There is something about a good watch


'The luxury of now' is the theme of our November 2016 issue. This month, we're delighting in the finer things in life, basking in the absolute bliss of every moment and setting our sights on those aspirational objects we'd love to own. Inspired by the classic style of a good timepiece, we set off in search of three watches that say 'luxury, timelessless and refinement.'

Frederique Constant

The new Frederique Constant slimline automatic watch with its timeless chic appeal had us all lusting for a taste of luxury. Frederique Constant has been around since 1988. Their watches are handmade by the historic Swiss watchmaker masters. This model is categorised as 'accessible luxury.' frederique-constant-_-600 Like all the previous models, the new slimline automatic range also has a refined casing, snapped with sapphire crystal glass at the back to give us a clear view of the movement of the timepiece. The back of the watch is engraved with the name, Frederique Constant and its individual reference number, which attests to its authenticity.

Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle

Bell & Ross created a watch to pay tribute to the stars which were once used as navigation tools. In their honour, the brand has created the BR S Diamond Eagle, the latest in a line of elegant, contemporary watches aimed at sophisticated women. The watch features the iconic round dial set in a square. Loads of little elements are used to evoke the celestial. The midnight blue, the metal frame that pierces in the dark, seven diamonds that conjure the scintillating stars. Together, these elements form a mini Milky Way.
bell-and-ross-_-600 Bell & Ross Diamond Eagle luxury women's watch. Photos sourced from

Heuer Monza Chronograph

"Beautiful watches and beautiful victories never go out of style." Tag Heuer originally designed the Heuer Monza Chronograph for racing driver Niki Lauda’s first world championship title with Ferrari in 1976. To celebrate its 40th anniversary Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the iconic Swiss brand’s founder, designed and re-issued the Monza Heuer. This is indeed a collector's timepiece.
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