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Luxury Profile: Theo van der Hoven

Founded in 1969, Alpine Lounge has evolved into one of the South Africa’s leading lounge furniture manufacturers. What makes your products luxurious? Alpine Lounge prides itself on producing only the most luxurious, comfortable and durable lounge furniture, boasting state-of-the-art technology and motion mechanisms. It only uses top-quality raw materials and enjoys exclusive use of indigenous leather sourced from South Africa and Namibia. How do you define luxury? It’s something that is indulgent, sumptuous, comfortable, and that makes the heart smile every time you use it. Luxurious furniture needs to boast solid craftsmanship that will offer supreme comfort, functionality and durability, as well as being beautiful – a piece that pleases the eye and can stand alone as a feature in its own right. How has luxury changed over time? Increasingly more people have access to luxury items today. With state-of-the-art technological developments in the manufacturing process, luxurious furniture is now accessible to a much wider audience. For more information about Alpine Lounge call 021-951-7150 or visit