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Luna Light by Kraftisan

Young designer Lucas Adams has done it again. A few months ago we featured his first creation, the quirky Puzzle Pinup, and we're excited to say that this weekend Lucas launched his second product at Design Indaba. The Luna Light is a fitting extension to his range under brand name, Kraftisan, and it sold out on its first day, making it yet another triumph for the design student. Just like the Puzzle Pinup, the Luna Light is a space-saving organisational tool. 'The inspiration came from a lack of availability, and a need,' Lucas told HL. 'I have a large space at home where I do all my design thinking and drawing, and I really needed a light source for my workspace. After looking at the local market, and what was on offer I realised that affordable desk lights, that are "enviro-conscious", and of an acceptable quality simply do not exist. This fuelled my initial interest in designing a user-friendly task light.' The lamp is made from Birch plywood and hand assembled with no adhesives, making it as environmentally friendly as possible. It comes complete with a cool white energy-saver bulb and standard Velcro feet are attached on the base of the light so you can fix it to any surface you choose. Lucas agrees that the light has a lot of personality. 'Thanks to the choice of materials and the manufacture method, a personality arose that some would call "living". The wood expands and contracts; the paper speaks of sensitivity and in general the design attracts attention to itself.' Lucas started his design journey only eight months ago and it's been all strength since the get-go. 'For now I aim to keep refining my design aesthetic for Kraftisan while managing to grow as a designer in general,' he told us. The Luna Light sells for R445, with free delivery within Cape Town and a R50 delivery charge nationwide. To purchase online go to