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lucie de moyencourt illustrates the cannes film festival

Lucie de Moyencourt
cannes film festival You might recognise Lucie de Moyencourt for her work on the Cape Palampore, a giant tiled mural at Bosjes Wine Estate (pictured below), or for her playful art that merges a Parisian aesthetic with South African subject matter. Now she's attending the Cannes Film Festival, and her humorous sketches are giving us a glimpse inside the world-famous event. cannes film festival A true creative through and through, Lucie has experience in an array of fields, from architecture and set designing to illustrating and painting, despite having had no formal art training. Her works celebrate the freedom and creativity that comes from within. 'I paint because I am addicted to the "surprise" that the painted canvas gives me when I step back from the easel,' she muses. With a mother who was a ballet dancer and a father who dealt in antiques and collected African art, she has always been surrounded by beauty and artistry to fuel her inspiration. Over the past four years she's been painting Cape Town, suburb by suburb, and is now looking at releasing a book filled with her drawings of the Cape Peninsula. We've collected a few of her sketches from Cannes that will transport you to the festivities. Take a peek at Lucie's Instagram for more. cannes film festival cannes film festivalcannes film festival cannes film festivalcannes film festivalcannes film festival cannes film festivalcannes film festival