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Look to the Stars

One of our favourite boutique homeware brands, Love Milo, has just launched a new range that we can't wait to incorporate into our homes. The collected, appropriately titled Cosmos, is inspired by the haphazard pattern of stars in a night's sky, which translates into an elegant but playful design featuring a random scatter of dots. cosmos3 The Cape Town-based design studio's signature style is focused on the notion of perfect imperfection found in nature, and this comes through in the haphazard yet harmonious motifs that we've seen in its other collections, which feature ant trails, birds in flight, mineral rock patterns, tree branches, dragonfly wings and more. The randomness of the spacing between the dots in the Cosmos range lends itself to this theme and makes the collection a perfect addition to the Love Milo family. cosmos1 All the Love Milo designs, including the new Cosmos ones, are created from photographs or drawings of elements from natural local landscapes, rather than from computer-generated motifs. In keeping with this, there's also much focus on sustainability and the use of locally sourced materials. cosmos4 The Cosmos range is currently exclusive to Love Milo's textile and cork products, although we're hoping to see it expand to the brand's assortment of ceramics soon too. The designs are printed onto 100% cotton (in the case of textiles) using eco-friendly inks and hand-printing techniques. Products in the range include scatter cushions, napkins, bags, purses and cork placemats. cosmos2 To see more of the brand's products, visit