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Llama Llama Jewellery

Llama Llama is a small jewellery company based in Johannesburg North. Run by two friends, Robyn Hunter and Sarah Wetten, the pair have a passion for whimsical, yet elegant jewellery. Geometrics are their current focus and we love their new range of brass and copper pieces. We chatted to the girls about Llama Llama... 'Llama Llama was a concept since 2011 but formally founded in September 2012. The geometric designs that we currently focus on are inspired by architecture, deconstruction, and minimalism,' says Robyn. 'We work with a variety of materials, depending on the items. We have three main sections, namely silver and stones, pendants and trinkets, and geometrics. We also do custom pieces and limited silver pieces.' She continues, 'The pendants and trinkets are generally quite fun and whimsical and we work with resin and antique postcards or pictures. Then, with the geometric section we use brass, copper and enamels. We have such a variety because we each bring different aspects of ourselves to the pieces.'

Llama Llama can be found at Hermanna Rush in Parktown North and online at Hello Pretty, Weheartthis and Utique. Visit or their for regular updates.