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stylish solutions to living with pets


We don't automatically factor in pets when designing or decorating our homes, but much like children, they come with their own requirements. Thankfully, designers around the world are developing clever products to make living with pets easier – and more stylish than ever before. Never mind those old plastic dog kennels you scramble to hide when guests come over; spoil your furry companions with one of these adorable options instead.

Thinking Design

living with pets in style Taipei-based agency Thinking Design has designed an entire apartment that is geared towards cats as well as people. The shelving system that runs throughout the house allows cats to live out more of their explorative nature indoors, complete with ramps, areas to sharpen their claws and hidey-holes for them to nap in peace.

Shinga Pet

living with pets South African pet store Shinga Pet specialises in practical but aesthetically-pleasing pet beds, toys, bowls and accessories. Our favourite is this Cosy Pet Home that would fit right in with any interior style, be it classic or contemporary.

Hao Ruan

living with pets in style The CATable 2.0 by Hao Ruan, a designer at Hangzhou-based agency LYCS Architecture, is a table that doubles up as a workspace and a playspace for the feline of the house. Despite its name, The CATable 2.0 is not actually a table but rather a modular system comprising four cubes that have each been designed to accommodate cats and can be used as stools, coffee tables or even bookcases when combined.


living with pets in style Parisian brand Meyou understands the importance of design and brings that into their range of minimalist, geometric furniture and pet beds that are sophisticated and edgy while still being comfortable for their inhabitants.


living with pets in style Japanese brand Nendo has also created a collection of accessories for pets (specifically dogs) that boasts clean, simple lines, allowing them to blend into any interior. Save