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leather pendant bracelets

These new leather bracelets from mother daughter team Mieke and Hanici Bredenkamp at The Pendant Warehouse recently registered on our style radar. A slight departure from their Cape fauna inspired pendants; we love them for their low key, contemporary looks and simple construction. Made using fine strips of coloured leather, each bracelet takes on a life of its own with a collection of silver charms that have been sourced from across the globe.  ‘As we work with each piece and it takes shape we give them quirky names like ,Me, Myself, I,  Two Peas in a Pod or So Together,’ explains Hanici. ‘Everything I see awakens new ideas. Most of all I love taking something available to me and creating a new item from it.’ Available from The Space as well as at a host of boutiques, the leather bracelets range in price from R80 to R125. Visit The Pendant Warehouse for more information or email them at