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Le Creuset's new Colours of Spice collection


A new addition to Le Creuset's iconic range of cast iron and stoneware products is here to spice things up.  The stylish Colours of Spice collection celebrates the aromatic flavours and vibrant colours of world cuisine, offering plenty of inspiration to make magic with spices in the kitchen. We especially love the limited-edition tagine, which features a beautiful Moroccan-inspired decal and is ideal for fragrant dishes that need to be simmered slowly. This versatile range includes Indian condiment pots, spice grinders and a traditional Balti dish, available in gorgeous reds, mint greens and fiery oranges. As autumn starts to take its hold and we look to aromatic dishes for their comfort and warmth, there's no better time to treat yourself to a few spice-inspired essentials. View Le Creuset's Colours of Spice promotions for special offers and savings, and visit for more information.