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lacoste replaces its iconic logo temporarily to benefit 10 endangered species

In an effort to raise awareness as well as funds towards the rescue and conservation of earth's dwindling species, Lacoste has changed its iconic crocodile logo temporarily to feature 10 animals on the endangered list – a first for the company in its 85-year history.
Together with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Save Our Speciesthe French tennis brand has created and already sold out a limited collection of white polo shirts – just 1 775 polo shirts will be available in total. The attire features 10 of the most threatened species in the world, and the number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining quantity of the species left in nature.

Animals featured on the shirts include the vaquita, a sea mammal with just 30 specimens remaining; the Burmese roofed turtle; the northern sportive lemur and the Javan rhino, of which there are just 67 specimens remaining.

The retail price listed is $185 and with each purchase, a contribution helps IUCN and Lacoste battle for nature conservation all over the world.