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Lace and leather may not be traditional materials for earrings, but Cape Town-based White Rabbit Days designer, Helen Andrews, proves that they're just as elegant as the sparkling gems and metals we're used to. A trained graphic designer, Helen has always been intrigued by the physicality of jewellery. 'As designers we play mainly in the 2D realm so to make an actual thing that people can wear is really satisfying,' says Helen. Her approach to jewellery design is inspired by the world around her. 'I'm inspired by what I find, what I experience, mixing unexpected fabrics and shapes and seeing what happens,' she says. While the earrings were originally made with embroidered lace, silver fittings, beads and freshwater pearls – all sourced in Cape Town – the White Rabbit Days collection has recently expanded to offer a range made from leather and sterling silver. 'The leather is totally different to work with and I've enjoyed the freedom to design what I want rather than relying on what lace my suppliers have got in stock,' says Helen. Whether you prefer lace or leather, there's no denying that these earring pack a punch, but thankfully, without the usual weight of large-scale earrings. While the range currently only includes earrings, Andrews has recently started tinkering with neck pieces. You can stay up to date with new designs through Facebook. You can buy White Rabbit Days products at The Fringe Arts stores in Kloof Street, Cape Town, and online at and