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A labour of love: The art of Lizette Chirrime

Georgia East
Lizette Chirrime's art is autobiographical. Having left behind a troubled family life, which influenced her emotive work, the Mozambican-born artist uses interwoven materials to speak to inner turmoil, identity and self-acceptance. Lizette favours fabric as her medium of choice and her talent for hand-stitching intricate patterns generates artworks that resemble complex quilts and are layered with meaning. She uses fabric to personify her own struggles, and maintains that when creating an artwork, it's as if she's stitching herself back together. Hailing from warmer climes, Lizette is used to a subtropical environment and found Cape Town winters unbearable to begin with. After telling herself that regardless of her dislike for the cold, the winter would always arrive, she realised that living with discomfort is not only a part of life, but also an opportunity to reevaluate your situation. And so arose an opportunity for Lizette to create new, unique pieces in heavier fabrics. Lizette’s large-scale works are situated in the Worldart exhibit in the main section at this year’s Cape Town Art Fair. Her works are both humanoid and amorphous in shape and she cites them as representing her own 'liberated soul'. Ethnic print, leather, beading, hessian sacking and human hair are only a few of the components that comprise any one of her exhibits, both at the Fair as well as the Worldart gallery on Cape Town’s Church Street. See Lizette's work at the Cape Town Art Fair, which takes place at the CTICC on 17-19 February 2017.