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The Togolese Magician of Design

'Beyond the assemblage of materials and effects, my intention with the interior design, the furniture and the artworks is to create a feeling of a reinvented Africa, a space with a window into an unexplored landscape. Every material,  colour or shape composing this landscape makes worship of light, nature and culture.' – Kossi Aguessy on his intervention for the Lounge at the 2016 FNB Joburg Art Fair.
A visionary of his time and a master of his craft, Kossi Aguessy is one of our favourites. This Togolese-born artist is a true mover and shaker in the creative world, famously known for his unusual interior and industrial designs. Most recently, he was named Featured Designer for the 2016 FNB Joburg Art Fair (9 to 11 September 2016) and asked to put together an intervention for the Lounge at this prestigious show. KA Portrait 1 Kossi has been a regular on the international art scene for several years, collaborating with giants like Coca-Cola and exhibiting at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. It is his curiosity for sustainable methods and new manufacturing technologies that shapes the success of his pieces.
The Useless Stool The Useless Stool by Kossi Aguessy. Image Credit: Stéphane Giner

Aguessy studied industrial and interior design at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. The start of his success could be owed to one of his earlier pieces, known as the Useless Stool, that hit the international spotlight during the Please Do Not Sit exhibition in Paris, France (2008). Over the years his work has grown in popularity and it is particularly exciting that he will be showing his latest creations, inspired by a futuristic Africa, in Joburg this year.
DAMN-Chair-White Damn chair by Kossi Aguessy.

If you are lucky enough to be attending the fair, you'll get to see works like The Stool, the Koreo coffee table, the Damn chair, the Zoo decorative ceramic masks and the 3Some vase in the Lounge. We are particularly in love with the uniqueness of The Stool, inspired by a Somalian sheep keeper's stool and a skateboard – a classic example of how the artist fuses modern city life with an East-African farming utensil, a collision of two universes. But don't just visit the fair to admire Aguessy's work – you might even become the proud owner of the Stella McCartney perfume bottle he designed in 2005. This talented creative is definitely one to watch out for.
The Stool by Kossi Aguessy, Image Credit: Johannes Danglehant The Stool by Kossi Aguessy. Image Credit: Johannes Danglehant

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